The sign of Cancer is typically represented by a crab and is among the most nurturing of the water signs. Here’s what you need to know about Cancer

The Basics

Dates: June 21 – July 22

Those born between June 21 and July 22 are considered to be born under Cancer as their sun sign.

Element: Water

Water element signs tend to be emotional and intuitive.

Quality: Cardinal

Cardinal signs are associated with new ideas and are known as initiator signs of the zodiac.

Ruling Planet: Moon

The moon is associated with deep emotions and intuition. Because the moon lights our way at night, it’s also often associated with all things mysterious.

Tarot Card: Chariot

The Chariot is often depicted as either a sphinx or a battle chariot that is drawn by two horses, one black one white. This card denotes the need for balance and is associated with overcoming conflicts

Positive Personality Traits

Cancers are extremely loving and loyal. They are great at creating a stable home environment for those they love and tend to be welcoming to others. Homelife is extremely important to Cancers, which also makes them fiercely loyal.

Cancers take friendships and relationships very seriously and will often care for and protect their loved ones.  

At times Cancers may have an odd sense of humor, which makes them great company for when things don’t go quite as planned. Cancer will not only work to find the “good” in the situation but try their best to care for the group.

Negative Traits:

Because Cancers are emotional and value home life, they need a lot of affection and can occasionally come off as clingy. When relationships of friendships don’t work out, Cancers often feel deeply hurt and may have trouble letting go of that pain for a long time.

If Cancer is hurt or insulted, they tend to retreat into their shell and can be difficult to coax out.  Cancers may forgive over time, but they do not forget. Because Cancers don’t often like letting people know that they are sensitive, they can also come off as moody.

Cancers in Relationships

Because Cancers are naturally caring and loving, they make a great friend and partner. When it comes to friends and family, cancers are quick to help, but can also feel wounded if they don’t feel like they are being appreciated.

Cancers love intensely but, because they tend to be careful with their emotions, they aren’t ones to rush into a relationship. When looking for a romantic partner, Cancers seek someone with whom they can build a home. Cancers tend to be very family-oriented and will want a partner who feels the same.

While Cancers may shy away from grand romantic gestures, especially at first, they do need to be loved and appreciated. Cancers often struggle with their insecurities and will need to get as much love as they give in a relationship.

Cancers and Careers

While Cancers are very hard workers, they may have some trouble finding the right work environment. Cancers are naturally creative and, once they find the right team or position, are great assets. Because Cancers are naturally caring, they may gravitate towards service-oriented careers.